What’s included in a standard installation

What’s included in a standard installation

Our standard installation includes everything you need to get your charger fully working. But we know that every customer and site is different, so we will provide bespoke quotations to the customer and site needs which are inclusive of any extra materials you may require.

Our Engineers will ensure you are happy and fully understand how to use the charger you have chosen before leaving site on the day of install.

What you get on a standard install

  • The fitting of a standard car charge unit on a brick wall, or other suitable structure.
  • Routing of the cable through one drilled hole in a wall up to 450mm (18 inches) thick if needed
  • Up to 10 metres cable suitable for the individual site, run and neatly clipped to the wall between the distribution board and the car charge unit.
  • Installation of a Type C MCB.
  • Up to 1 length of containment (3 metres) of plastic conduit or trunking to conceal interior wiring if needed.
  • All electrical connections, electrical testing and the NICEIC Certification.
  • Demonstration of the car charge units functions and App (if applicable)

What could increase the cost of install?

  • Earth rod – some car charge units and properties would require an earth to be installed.
  • Choice of car charge unit – like all things you can get different sizes of models of a number of different car charge units
  • Extra cabling – if your unit is needed more than 10meters away from your mains location then more cabling would be needed, this would be at an extra cost.
  • Type A RCBO – may be required for some installations to protect against current overload, AC and DC leakage.
  • Dedicated two-way distribution board – if your exiting mains location does not have enough suitable spare ways, this may be required as so to make final connections of your new car charge unit.
  • Labour – for more in depth installations or for installs that will simply take longer than the standard allotted time.