Project EV Charger Setup

Project EV Charger Setup

This quick guide explains how to get your charger & app ready for install.

  • Before you install is due, download the Project EV app to you smart device
  • Set up an account on the app by following the quick easy steps on your device
  • To register a new account select sign up
  • Set a username, password and all other details required. Agree to the user agreement and “sign up”
  • Sign in with your new log in details
  • Once your charger has been installed, make sure you have a stable WIFI connection.
  • Open the Project EV app select the ‘Add’ button to pair the charger to your phone. You’ll be prompted to enter the chargers serial number, this is located on the side of the charger itself. Once entered press ‘Confirm’.
  • Go to you WIFI setting of you device
  • Turn the unit off and then on again via the main power supply or via RCD, this is located behind the information plate of the charger. Leave the unit switched off for 15 seconds before starting it back up again. This will enable the pairing mode for 60 seconds.
  • The serial number for you charger will now be displayed in the available WiFi networks to connect to on your mobile phone
  • Connect to the charger using the default password 12345678, once connected re open the Project EV app.
  • Select the icon at the top right hand corner of the app screen
  • The serial number of the connected charger should be shown, press connect
  • You will be re directed to the settings menu, select ‘Parameter Settings’. Locate the ‘Wi-Fi Name’ option and enter the login details located on your router. This needs to be exactly as displayed on your router as the settings are case sensitive.
  • Repeat the same process again for your ‘Wi-Fi Password’. If you haven’t changed your password, this will be displayed on your router this needs to be as exactly as per your router as the settings are case sensitive.
  • Depending on which functions you would like your charger to have, you can change the mode via the ‘Charging Model’ optionAPP & RFID: This means you can use the application and RFID cards to control the charger.RFID: You will only be able to use the RFID cards to activate the charger.

    Plug & Charge: This mode will not work on the app or RFID cards. It is simply plug and charge.

  • Check your desired settings are correct, press “save” in the top right hand corner of the app,
  • Finally, to change the name of your charger to something more memorable
  • Click settings at the bottom left of the app, select Parameter Settings
  • Scroll to the charger name and change the name of the charger to whatever you’d like to, you can also change other setting here if you wish.

Press “save” You are now paired with your charger, and set up