Charging at home – How many charges

Charging at home – How many charges

If you have 2 electric vehicles, do you need two EV chargers – Simple answer is No.

A lot of households only complete low mileage each day, on average around 30miles, this is well within the range of EV vehicles.

The average 7.2KW EV charger can quite easily put this 30miles back in your EV vehicle in around 1 hour. So let’s say that both vehicles do the same mileage, the one EV Charger could easily cope with the 60mile demand on the recharge, this would only take around 2 hours in total.

As you know, it would be highly unlikely that you would need to charge your vehicle every night, so you could quite easily charge one vehicle one night, and the other vehicle the next night.

If you are at all going to go on a long journey, just plan ahead, most vehicles come with what’s called a granny charger, this is a charger unit that plugs into a domestic socket outlet, so one vehicle could charge of this while the other charges of the EV charger. You could schedule an earlier charge, so both vehicles have time to charge. Plan your route so it takes in a public charger location there are many public charge points out there with many of them being rapid chargers, this will charge your vehicle to 80% in around 45minutes.

If you do opt for 2 chargers, there is a clear benefit to this, as you can obviously charge 2 vehicles at the same time, this could also mean that your chargers may charge at different charge rates as some charge units will have the ability to load share, this is where the chargers talk to each other and evenly split the load when charging and when two vehicles are plugged in at the same time, basically a 7.4kw unit would charge at a rate of 3.6kw. Most of the time this wouldn’t be a problem as most of the time vehicles are charged overnight.