Ohme Review

Ohme Review

Ohme’s range of EV charging products are of a simple design and the same goes for its wall-mounted and OLEV-approved unit – the Ohme Intelligent Wall Charger.

Ohme’s model can sync up with your electricity tariff, to make sure it uses energy when it’s cheapest for you at the time.

With using its App let the Ohme charger know how many miles you’d like to charge, and by what time, and the machine will do the rest for you.

Ohme say that “when used with a dynamic time-of-use tariff, you could save up to £300 per year compared to the standard variable tariff.

Some of home chargers have this feture, including the Zappi, but it’s still a rare quality that you should use, you could save on your electricity bills.

Another great feature is that it users 3G or 4G instead of wifi, thus meaning you won’t have to worry about power cuts or your internet connection when it comes to charging your car.

With its small stature it will fit practically anywhere. This is ideal if you want your charger to be a subtle addition to your home, rather than a statement piece.

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