Rolec Review

Rolec Review

The Rolec Wallpod:EV Homesmart is designed to provide a simple, mobile phone interactive EV charging solution, unfortunately doesn’t work with Wi-Fi only via GPRS with a smart device.

This unit is only available as single phase and has options for 3.6Kw or 7.2Kw, the 3.6Kw version isn’t very fast at charging, it’s not much faster than charging with a 3-pin plug.

You have 2 options with this unit, either a socketed or tethered unit with a 5-metre attached lead. A separate lead is required for the socketed unit, this can be purchased separately at around £150-£165

The unit isn’t a bad size coming in at 367mm x 179mm x 142mm, it comes with a good selection of colour choices.

There is also an app that is available for the unit for ease of use which controls the charging, unfortunately it doesn’t have timed charging or a lock facility to stop people using your electric when you’re out.

This unit doe’s need a earth rod at an extra cost with a few of its competitors out there are pro earth, it also only comes with a 3-year parts warranty where most chargers out there come with a 5year warranty, meaning potential extra labour costs if something goes wrong.

The pro with Rolec Wallpod:EV Homesmart?
The unit has a built-in modem and roaming sim, this makes the GPRS work which enables the charge point to be fitted in places where no Wi-Fi signal is available.

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