What charger for me

What charger for me

A majority EV charging is completed at home, so it is important that your charge point Installation meets your individual requirements. Home car charging points are on the whole safer and much faster than alternatives such as 3 pin plug sockets.

One Eco charge work with major brands to provide you with the correct charge point for you. We will discuss with you your needs and your budget

The budget would be the main factor to most people. There are a number of chargers out there that would suit every budget, and also there is an OLEV grant currently available, this means you will get a great discount for an excellent if you qualify for the grant.

Even better we are having an introductory offer for a limited time where we are offering Chargers at a starting price as little as £225, normally £375 which includes installation, this is a guide price only, to get an accurate quote you can always contact us or complete the survey for you chosen charger

Our lowest cost charger would be the Project EV EVA-07S model, this is the most popular charger we install, great design at a fantastic cost.

Our Premium charger would be the Andersen A2 charger, great design where you choose the finish, hidden tethered cable

For some people the style and looks are important for the charger, chargers come in all shapes and sizes, from the small EO Mini to the Andersen A2 with its wood finish.

Some things that you may consider would be the style, do you like the look of it?, colour, would it look right in the area you are putting it?, Location, where are you putting the charger, will it be visible or not, this could affect the style of charger you may go for. Size of your charger, will it fit in the location you want? Chargers come in all shapes and sizes.

Tethered or not? Some chargers come with an attached cable, would this be an advantage for you?

Features of the charger, what do you want it to do? All chargers are different, some have solar capability where you can use your solar panels to charge your vehicle, you can set times on when you want your vehicle to charge, tariff charging, this could save you money as you could use cheaper energy to charge your vehicle. And scheduled charging, where you can decide on then you want your vehicle to charge by, and to a desired charge level.

In most cases the above will help you choose your style of charger that is right for you, but before anything, we will complete the on line survey with the information you provide us to give you an accurate quotation for your install.