Ohme Intelligent Wall Charger Setup

Ohme Intelligent Wall Charger Setup

This quick guide explains how to get your charger & app ready for install.

  • Before you install is due, download the Ohme app to you smart device
  • Set up an account on the app by following the quick easy steps on your device
  • Once your account is set, link the charger to your account, you can easily do this by scanning the QR code or by entering the code manually, this can be found under the QR code
  • Choose your vehicle make and model from the list – this helps Ohme to determine the size of your vehicles battery
  • Add your energy tariff, this is so Ohme can charge at your energy providers optimum rates. If your provider isn’t listed, you can always input your own tariff rates and tariff times that apply to your property.You should now be set to charge you vehicle, our engineer will check with you that everything works correctly. If your vehicle hasn’t been delivered, they will fully test the charger with their EV charger testing equipment.You can schedule as and when you would like your new Ohme charger to charge, this can be scheduled in the app in the section called “Weekday Charging” you can decide on how much charge you want and by what time.
  • Click the blue plus tab in the bottom corner of your device
  • Name the Schedule – ie Mornings 85% or 175miles
  • Select when you would like this schedule to be completed by, Weekdays and or Weekend mornings.
  • Select the target charge you would require by this time, this can be the percentage or mileage, this is selected by the slider bar.
  • Select your finish time on when you would like the charge to be complete, ie 7.30am for the next day
  • Click create, this will save your new schedule, you can create as many schedules as you wish to suit your needs
  • If you do not use your schedule charge, your Ohme charge unit will just top your car back up to its target charge.

If at all you need your vehicle charging quickly, switch to max charging on your app. Your Ohme unit will ignore all schedules while you are in this setting

Ohme can also automatically charge you vehicle on your available cheapest electricity rates, this can be set in the “Save Money” section of the app, just set the toggle to blue. Ohme will charge your Vehicle as much as possible on your cheaper rate of electricity, but if it doesn’t meet your requirements while you are on your cheaper rates, it will continue until the target schedule is reached.

Ohme also has an option to only charge your car during your off peak rates only, this can be found in the “Tariff” section of the app. You can set the electricity price cap for charging ie 7pence per KW, this could be your off peak rate for electricity. Be warned, if this option is chosen, the Ohme charger will stop charging once the rate goes above this cost, even if your target schedule charge has not been met. Your app will warn you if this happens.