EO Mini Pro Setup

EO Mini Pro Setup

This quick guide explains how to get your charger & app ready for install.

  • Before you install is due, download the EV JuiceNet app to you smart device – this is used for the EO Mini Pro charge unit.
  • Create an account ready for completion of the install, allow the app to send you push notifications.

On installation day, our install engineer will set up your EO Mini pro charge unit to your smart device app.

Our engineer will carry out all the necessary commissioning and pairing process for your EO Mini Pro unit.

This is quite a simple process if you wish to set it up yourself as follows

  • Open the EV JuiceNet app.
  • Select “Add JuiceNet Device” and select “Start”
  • Select “Connect Now”.
  • Get your password ready for your home WiFi network
  • Turn off the EO Mini Pro at the its main power sauce
  • Select Next
  • Turn on the power sauce for the EO Mini Pro. This puts the charge point into pairing mode for two minutes. App setup must be completed within this time.
  • Select Next
  • Exit your device app and into your devices settings, select WiFi settings. You will see the EO Mini Pro listed in the WiFi network, this will be as “JuiceBox-###” or “JuiceNet-###”. Select this network. For example “JuiceNet-98A”. If necessary use the password “GoElectric”
  • Return to the JuiceNet app.
  • The app will bring up a list of available networks, select your home WiFi network and enter the password for the network.
  • Select “Connect JuiceNet device to Wi-Fi”
  • The app should verify the connection and show a green icon when successful. This could take up to 60 secinds
  • Click Next to return to the app home screen.
  • You can now enter you vehicle information

Once you have set the basic settings you must now set the charge rate of the app and unit. Our install engineer would off set this on the EO Mini pro, and would of also set this up on your app, if you are setting the app up, please check with the engineer what he has set the EO Mini pro at.

  • In the app, select the menu (three bar icon top right of screen)
  • Select Settings
  • Under “Charging Maximum Rate (A)”, set the maximum current to the same value as that on the EO Mini Pro. Example, 32.

While you are in settings, it is advised to change the time zone to “UTS + 00:00 Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London”. This is very important, if this is not changed, then smart charging or scheduled charging will not work correctly and you vehicle may not be completely charge at its scheduled time.

You can now set schedules, monitor your charging history as well as costs.