My Energy Zappi Review

My Energy Zappi Review

The Myenergi Zappi 2 is packed with exciting features and safety elements. Available in 6.5m tethered lead, or socket connector variants, as well as 7kW and 22kW model options.

The Zappi has a sleek design and comes in 2 colours, it includes an easy to read LCD screen with scroll through menu buttons.

The Zappi was the first EV charger with micro-generation integration, and can accommodate both solar PV and wind turbines. When in Eco+ mode the Zappi charger will charge only when enough surplus energy is generated from your renewable energy. This gives a 100% ‘green’ and free charge. The Zappi also has load-balancing as standard to prevent overload of your electric supply.

The Zappi is also pro earth, so this will save on the installation costs of an unsightly earth rod. This makes installation much simpler and quicker.

For smart charging the Zappi requires a Hub which connects to your WiFi router, unfortunately this is an extra cost and is required for OLEV grant funded installations.

The Myenergi Zappi is OLEV approved.

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